Thursday, May 2, 2013

Final Exam

Our class final is:

Thursday May 9th, 8 am - 10:30 am.  Computer Lab 110 (same as always)

You are expected to be there, with your final project finished/exported.  We will watch the movies on the big board.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Senior review today in gallery at noon

Calaca by Amanda DeBusk

Luis Cifuentes/Amanda DeBusk/Lewis Straughter will be participating in their oral reviews today (4/30) in the gallery at noon.  

(from the JTAC article written by Kenneth Brisendene)

DeBusk, a digital media major, will be displaying both photographs and watercolors based on her photographs. Her show will feature her‘Punisher’ series of portraits as well as various flyers she has designed for events.

Straughter’s work tends to focus on typography and logo design, including typographic illustrations and some advertisement work.Straughter says he wants his work to inspire others. “I really want to touch those who need that help, who need to be motivated, who need to be inspired,” said Straughter.

Cifuentes’ graphic design work will feature printed works such as magazine layouts and posters.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Melissa Crosby/Bailey Drake Brown Bag Lecture April 23 at noon

Lesly by Melissa Crosby

Drake’s illustrative works have a cartoon/comic style and explore character design and background concepts. She is interested in developing a career in children’s book illustration.
Crosby’s focus is on concept art for video game design. “I draw landscapes, mercenaries, pirates, monsters, whatever comes to mind,” she said. Crosby would like to continue working on concept art for a video game developer in the future.
Come see the artists talk about their work at the gallery at noon on 4/23rd. 
(by Kenneth Brisendene)
In the Forest by Bailey Drake

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Senior Exhibit 1 - Ayers/Kutch - Brown bag lecture 12/17 at noon

Duality by Kim Kutch

article written by Kenneth Brisendine from the JTAC, see original here
From April 15 through May 8, the gallery in the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center will be hosting Tarleton State University’s senior artists. 8 graduates will be presenting their work to qualify for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree this year, and the senior exhibition will split into four separate exhibitions to allow all the graduates room to show off their work.
From April 15 through April 18 the gallery will be displaying work by Ashley Ayers and Kim Kutch. There will be an artist’s reception on the17th from 4-6pm. A brown bag lecture where the artists will discuss their work is April 17th at noon.  
Zooey by Ashley Ayers
Ayers is a BFA with digital media emphasis candidate whose media of choice is photography. Her show will consist of children’s photography. “In my photographs I’m trying to portray the beauty of life and the joy that little ones bring to us. Take a trip down memory lane for a minute and remind yourself of all the good times from when you were young,” said Ayers.
Kutch is also a BFA with digital media emphasis candidate, who’s work combines photography and sculpture. Her show will focus on two of her concentrations; night photography and macro photography. “For my night photography I have taken many pictures of the Milky Way, stars, the moon sunsets and some character work involving people,” said Kutch of her work. “I love doing night photography because I feel like my imagination can run wild when I frame the shot.”

Monday, April 8, 2013

Student Exhibit Reception This Thursday at 4-6pm

The reception for the student exhibition is this Thursday the 10th from 4-6pm the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center Gallery. Bring family and friends and enjoy some free food as we celebrate the achievements of the Fine Art grads.  Also congratulations are in order to the winners of the President's Circle awards!  The winners were Garrett Lambert (1st place and winner of wine label competition , Blu Dornan (2nd Place), and Elizabeth Phelps (3rd place).

After Effects Tutorials - Basics of Animation and more...

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Animation examples